It All Began With A Cardboard Box

Welcome to Sophia Harcourt Photography. I am a British born woman raised by a French mother in France and the States. My love of photography started similarly to the creation of the first camera, with a box. My box however was made of cardboard and was filled with loose photos, a few albums and resided in the garage. I spent my childhood repeatedly looking through that box of images that documented our life. This obsession eventually led me to documenting my own life through images. Then to attend photography school to learn the roots of photography and acquire better techniques to share my view of this beautiful world. The adversities this live has thrown my mother and I as I grew up has led her to constantly strive for a better life for us and given me the opportunities to experience many different cities and a few countries and to meet many different people. These experiences have given me a unique perspective in how I document this world and the beauty there is in moments, whether they be sad or happy. My sister once wisely told me, during a dark time in my life, “You cannot experience great happiness without experiencing great sadness”.

Photo info: One of the photos from the box. That's me when I was 10. This goofy child is still there, wrapped in 30 or so extra years. This will likely always be my favorite picture of myself. The photo was taken by my sister. I was playing with my friend doing my favorite thing and as you can clearly tell by my mother's wicked light decor behind me and around our front door it was the holidays.